Heroes of Grace

"heroes of grace from the holy bible" InsertS include 46 stories from Creation to Pentecost (4/month for 9 months) + 1 insert/month (9) on the ten commandments.

     This Heroes of Grace's Program of Inserts is not tied to any particular liturgical year's calendar, but can be used and reused to teach students, catechists, parents, parishioners, and Sacramental candidates about the Holy Bible. With 4 Weekly Inserts on Bible stories a month and one Insert a month on one or more of the Ten Commandments from a Catholic perspective. Weekly inserts begin with Genesis and end with Pentecost nine months later, going chronologically through the story of salvation history.  Each 2-sided Insert includes stories for both younger readers and older students/adults on Creation, Adam& Eve, Cain & Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, King David, Solomon, Elijah, Jonah, Isaiah, Mary & Joseph and Simeon.  Inserts about Jesus feature His Miracles, Preaching, Triumphant Entry, Trial, Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension.  The school year program ends with  Pentecost.  [For those who prefer the 12-month insert program that ends with Revelation, contact coronaerosarum@gmail.com or go to coronae-rosarum.square.site for online purchase.

     Each Insert features beautiful, dignified, inspiring illustrations in full-color as additional teaching instruments that help with memory retention and spark interest even in pre-readers.  The program is very easy to administer and very inexpensive to run.  One sheet of paper/recipient, copied front and back from Program Packet Binder of hard-copy originals ($80) or the CD of pdfs ($65), meets the needs of all participants--Students, Catechists, Families, Parishioners.  The front of the Insert features a Primary Treatment--simple stories in large type with large full-color pictures for Grades 1-4; the back provides an In-Depth Treatment with more full-color pictures and sidebars geared to Grades 5-Adult, including Catechists, Parents, RCIA & Confirmation Candidates, Youth Groups, and Adults.  Program adapts easily to weekly inserts in Parish Bulletins, for comprehensive family and adult enrichment!  The Program is easy to share (and very inexpensive) when emailed to catechists and parents as pdfs.  Pdfs can also be displayed on white boards for classroom use.  The Program Packet of Inserts and CD can be purchased together for $90.   Purchase of Program Packet or CD includes reproduction rights for your Program only.

Book Format

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For families and individuals who would like to have Heroes of Grace from the Holy Bible, the 12-month Insert Program (that ends with Revelation) has been converted into a book, with Primary and In-Depth treatments of each subject on facing pages.  Ideal for Families, Homeschoolers, or as a gift to Confirmation, RCIA or RCIC Candidates, or anyone who would like to enhance their knowledge of  the Holy Bible.  124pp. 175 full-color dignified, beautiful illustrations. 8.5" x 11" Spiral-bound.  $30. The book format does not include reproduction rights.


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The Seven Sacraments Insert Program

This Insert Program can be used in any Catholic liturgical year, with 4 Inserts/month (for 9 months) on Saints, Feasts, & Devotions and 1 Insert/month on the Seven Sacraments as the "Sure Path to Virtue."  Designed with both Primary and In-Depth Treatments of the same subjects on the same insert, it can be purchased as a Program Binder of Originals ($80), a CD of pdfs ($65) or both ($90).