Hand-made Rosaries & Religious Jewelry

Coronae Rosarum offers handmade rosaries, rosary bracelets, chaplets, penal rosaries, and other religious jewelry that are made with high-quality materials--semi-precious stones, pearls, and crystal beads, sterling silver, gold-filled, silver oxide, goldtone, and copper wire, chain, and medals.

To view current inventory, go to www.Etsy.com/shop/CoronaeRosarum, where you can order online either by credit card or Paypal! The thumbnails below are just a sample of some of the quality products available at my shop. Simply click on any thumbnail to see the item enlarged and go to my shop!

CUSTOM ROSARIES & ROSARY BRACELETS: If you are seeking an amazing gift for a special occasion (for example, Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Wedding, Graduation, Call to Ministry, etc.) or to show a very special tribute (Thank You Gift, Retirement, Appreciation), consider ordering a custom hand-made rosary from Coronae Rosarum. These heirloom quality rosaries can be made with chain, medals, and wire made of Sterling Silver, silver oxide, Gold-filled, or gold components, always using "bow-tie" fixtures. Semi-precious beads available include garnet, amethyst, hematite, rose quartz, pink quartz, mother of pearl (dyed or natural), jade, onyx, lapis lazuli, aventurine, and many others, as well as glass pearls and crystal beads. Authentic pearl rosaries are also available, but at a higher cost, due to the delicate nature of working with pearls. If you are interested in ordering a custom-designed rosary, please use the Contact Us form to contact Carol Jones. Prices are dependent upon the choice of metal, cost of beads, and time involved in assembly; each custom rosary is priced accordingly. Prices are agreed to in advance, so no worries!

THE HOLY GRAIL ROSARY: The Holy Grail Rosary is made with 6mm beads (Hail Marys) and 8mm beads (Our Fathers) using the semi-precious stone Carnelian, as well as silver or gold chain, medals, and wire. According to historian Janice Bennett's book Saint Laurence and the Holy Grail: The Story of the Holy Chalice of Valencia, the Holy Grail (the cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper to consecrate the wine into His Precious Blood during the Passover Seder meal) was made of hand-carved Carnelian. Archaeologists of ancient Middle Eastern artifacts have attested to the fact that carnelian was a material used to hand-carve precious cups reserved for use at Passover Seders in Jerusalem around the time of Christ, and many examples are preserved in the British Museum. The deep colors of the stone, which is a translucent red-brown, only heighten its association with the miracle of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Passion of Christ. Comes with a pamphlet explaining this Rosary's relationship to the Holy Grail in more detail. Sells for $50.00 (plus $5.00 shipping/handling).

Also available are the Holy Grail Rosary bracelet with a small medal of the Chalice attached--ideal as a First Holy Communion present for a young lady--or the Holy Grail Irish Chaplet with a larger medal of the Chalice--for a young gentleman. Both sell for $25.00 (plus $5.00 shipping/handling).

Thank you!