A Brand new Week of Graces Program for 2016! In the Beginning: The HOLY BIBLE introduces the wonders of the Holy Bible to children ages 5-12 in a curriculum that explores the major events of the Bible in light of God's revelation, with Virtues, Bible Stories, Activity Pages, Songs, Skits, Prayers, and all-new Crafts. This program is complete and ready for purchase. The program begins with Creation and traces the idea of sacrifice through the Bible, beginning with Cain and Abel, Noah and the Flood, and Abraham and Isaac, focusing on the Perfect Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, and ending with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Along the way the children learn about how God speaks to His people through His prophets and through Christ, how God rescues His people with examples from Moses, Jonah, and King David, and how God saves His people by sending His Only Son into the world to save us from sin and death. The program concludes by explaining how God gives life through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Eucharist. Each day the children learn the verses of an original song entitled "The Living Word" that celebrates God's Love as expressed in His revealed Word of the Bible and the Word Made Flesh. For more information, please email weekofgraces@gmail.com or call 703-268-5742.

Also available are these programs from recent years:

The Year of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is designed to walk children through five stages in the life of Jesus, from His Holy Nativity in Bethlehem, His Childhood with the Holy Family, His Hidden Years in Nazareth, His Preaching and Public Ministry, to His Passion, Death, and Resurrection, this curriculum introduces children to two Virtues each day related to each stage in Christ's life and two Saints who exemplify those Virtues, as well as five devotions to the Blessed Mother. Related to these holy themes, the children enjoy crafts, activities, prayers, songs, skits, snacks, and events, such as a Children's Adoration Service and a Marian Procession and Crowning. And each day the children are invited to learn another verse in the original song "Jesus Came to Save"--written expressly for this program to engage children in the life of Christ through music and gesture.

Opening the DOOR OF FAITH continues the work of the New Evangelization begun in the Year of Faith by inviting the children to open their hearts to Jesus. Built around key phrases in the Apostles' Creed, this Program invites children to open the door to Jesus, welcome Him into their hearts, believe in the truths He has revealed, and then share His Love with the world! The original song "Open the Door to Jesus," composed especially for this program, is easy for the children to learn--a new verse each day--until the final day, when they all sing it together during an event honoring the Blessed Mother.

Mysteries of Light: The HOLY ROSARY celebrates the Rosary, focusing on the Luminous Mysteries, but providing activities and stories that teach the children about the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries, as well as all the prayers of the Rosary. Using beautiful artwork from Catholic paintings and stained glass windows, the children explore the Life of Christ through the eyes of His holy Mother Mary.

Each Week of Graces curriculum includes these components: 1. 60+-page Activity Book that coordinates with each day's themes, activities, and events; 2. Group Leader Guide for catechists and Aides; 3. Prayer and Song Book, with Daily Prayer Service, Children's Adoration Program, and Marian Procession Program; 4. Craft Coordinator Guide, with complete craft instructions, lists of materials, and suggestions for supplemental add-ons; 5. Program Coordinator Guide, with a timeline outline of preparation requirements, registration forms, tee-shirt designs, and a complete Daily Syllabus that can be modified in Excel--a great tool for tailoring The Week of Graces to your particular scheduling needs and modifications. Everything you need to launch a great summer program for one low price! The Week of Graces does much more than provide a week of enjoyable diversion--it opens children's hearts to the graces that God in His Love desires to shower upon them!

For 25 years, The Week of Graces, a thoroughly Catholic Summer Program ("VBS"), has given children (ages 5-12) the joy of exploring Saints, Virtues, and truths of the Faith through fun activities, crafts, songs, skits, prayers, and special events—including a Children's Adoration Service and a Marian Procession! Each Week of Graces curriculum, designed around a central theme, is broken down into five themes, one for each day of the program, with corresponding saints, virtues, and activities. This formula has provided students with a concentrated experience of the Faith that builds with each day of the Program—truly a "week of graces"!

The Week of Graces currently offers four different curricula for purchase:

  • In the Beginning: The HOLY BIBLE
  • The Life of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST
  • Opening the DOOR OF FAITH
  • Mysteries of Light: The HOLY ROSARY

Each of these curricula is available for purchase as a Program Packet of full-color originals with all program components suitable for Religious Education Programs or Catholic Schools.

A. The Complete Program Packet @$275.00 + $15 shipping (less than $3/child for enrollment of 100) includes these components:

  • Activity Book: 5 days of activities, Virtues, Saint stories, puzzles, & coloring pages
  • Prayer and Song Book: daily Morning Prayers, Adoration Service for Children, and Marian Procession & Crowning
  • Group Leader Guide: instructions for activities, crafts, songs, and skits.
  • Program Coordinator Guide: timeline outline, modifiable Daily Syllabus, crafts/materials checklist, and templates for flyer, application, log form, parent letter, tee shirt designs
  • Craft Coordinator Guide: instructions, craft templates, and craft/materials checklists
  • Daily Syllabus: detailed synopsis of each Program day (Excel file available)
  • Professionally recorded CD: piano or organ/piano or organ with voice tracks, with original song
The purchase of the Complete Program Packet includes reproduction rights for your program only.

Coronae Rosarum Publications now offers these support services:

  • Activity Book (76 pp.), reproduced in full color, spiral-bound: $12/copy
  • Activity Book (76 pp.), reproduced in black & white, spiral-bound: $8/copy
  • Basic Kit of 5 beautiful holy cards, 5" statue of Mary, Miraculous Medal, and Crucifix Medal: $6.00
  • Complete Kit of 20 beautiful holy cards, 5" statue of Mary, Miraculous Medal, Crucifix Medal, luminous rosary, and holy water bottle: $10.00

For further information, program samples, or to place an order, please use the Contact Us form.

If we try to open a door for the children to invite Jesus into their hearts, God's graces will do the rest!