In the Beginning Was the Word, a program of 12 Lessons on the New Translation of Holy Mass, is designed to not only teach the new format of the major prayers whose wording changes on the First Sunday of Advent (November 27, 2011). Using this ideal moment to catechize the Mass, these lessons strive to open up the meaning of the text--in order to deepen students' understanding of Holy Mass itself. Taking the form of worksheets (one page, back and front, per lesson), each lesson begins with a commentary on the value of words as vital components of worship and communication. The back of each worksheet features a section called Let's Play Translate! with the color-coded table of a prayer that will be altered in the new translation. Each table gives the Latin text of the Roman Missal (with a literal translations of each word into English), compared with the Roman 2 text (used for the last forty years) and the Roman 3 text of the new translation. Discussion questions and comparisons accompany the tables, inviting students to examine the texts concurrently. Also included is a sidebar activity called ***SEARCH ME that offers students opportunities to use the Internet (or other sources) to research specific questions regarding the Mass and its translation, and report their findings at the time of the next lesson.

Designed to be presented as a enrichment component to one semester of weekly Religious Education classes in Grades 4 and up, or as one three-week unit of study in a Catholic-school setting, these lessons are also appropriate in Adult Education settings. Each worksheet also includes related illustrations, many of them in color, to provide visual interest, context, and reinforcement of the commentary. Also provided with the program is a 10-page Teacher Notes booklet, a Program Schedule schemata showing all the components in one handy digest, and a list of Instructions for the program administrator.

Simply click on the thumbnail pictures to the right to view the worksheets for Lesson One: Words are Important, which include a brief commentary on the importance of words in Scripture and liturgy, as well as a "Let's Play Translate!" explanation of the changes to "The Lord Be With You."

Each lesson examines a prayer or portion of a prayer altered by the Roman 3 translation, including "The Lord Be With You;" "I Confess;" the Gloria (2 worksheets); the Creed (3 worksheets); "Lift Up Your Hearts" + "Holy, Holy, Holy;" the Words of Consecration; the Great Amen; and "Lord, I Am Not Worthy;" as well as the change in tone of prayers that are spoken by the priest. Commentary includes Words are Important, Words are Sacred, Words Are Binding, Words Have Real Power, Words Can Change Things, Words Can Challenge Us, and Words Can Be Beautiful.

PROGRAM PURCHASE: In the Beginning Was the Word worksheets are now available for purchase on a CD as pdfs that can easily be opened with Adobe Reader and printed for copying and dissemination for your program's needs. An inexpensive, effective, and easy-to-teach method of presenting this material to students and adults alike, the CD also features a 10-page Teacher Booklet to assist catechists with background information and students' Q & A. The CD sells for a one-time purchase price of $35.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling. For more information or to order this program, use the Contact Us form or contact Carol Anne Jones at

INDIVIDUAL COPIES: In the Beginning Was the Word is now available in a hard-copy version printed in color with a comb binding at $15.00 a copy, plus $5.00 shipping and handling (reproduction rights withheld). In this way, homeschooling families, parents who wish to supplement their child's religious education, catechists who want to augment their knowledge for their students, or others interested in learning more about the new Translation as they deepen their understanding of Holy Mass can now have access to these interesting and informative pages. Use the Contact Us form to provide with your contact information and let us know how many copies you would like to order. An invoice will promptly be mailed to you. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the book in about a week. You can expedite your order by sending payment directly to Coronae Rosarum, 10306 Dunn Meadow Road, Vienna, VA 22182. (Sorry that we are not currently set up to take online orders.)